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10W-30 SN/GF5 SemiSintetico Pack 8


METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils are specifically formulated with advanced synthetic technology to meet the demands placed on high-performance engines in the stressful environment of today

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Technical product information

METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils are specifically formulated with advanced synthetic technology to meet the demands placed on high-performance engines in the stressful environment of today. The exceptional performance and greater durability of this engine oil is due to our base feed stocks and additive technology. These oils are designed using the latest synthetic technologies in the re-refining process. This makes them outstanding for extended oil drains and a top tier API Certified passenger car motor oil (PCMO).


METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils deliver excellent protection against wear under all conditions of service to ensure longer engine life. A blend of high performance base oils are formulated with the proper balance of detergent systems, antioxidants, and dispersants. The characteristics such as lubricity, anti-foaming, shear stability, and anti-wear properties makes the METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils the PCMO of choice.


METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils are formulated in the following multigrade viscosities to meet proper lubricating requirements: SAE 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50. These oils are formulated with a typical TBN of 8.0 to provide a high level of detergency.

Features/ Advantage

  • METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils minimize harmful deposits and sludge to ensure piston cleanliness and proper engine performance throughout the life of the oil.


  • METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils will reduce internal friction, provide protection on shock load, high temperature, and safeguard engine parts.


  • METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils have the appropriate level of detergency for protection against bearing corrosion and piston deposits.


  • These engine oils provide outstanding “heavy load” bearing protection on heavily stressed engine parts. The semi-synthetic component of these engine oils enhances the protection at high and low temperature extremes, protects critical engine parts, and extends change intervals.



METALUB SN Semi-Synthetic Series Oils are recommended for all types of modern gasoline engines, including high performance turbocharged, multi-valve, and direct injection engines (refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual to select the appropriate grade of oil).


Special handling, notifications and warnings

Use the same care and handling that you would use with any petroleum product.

Overexposure to product may cause eye, skin, or respiratory irritation. Dispose of used oil properly as continuous contact with used oil has caused skin cancer in laboratory tests. Avoid ongoing contact. Wash skin with soap and water. Launder or discard soiled clothes. Do not re-use empty containers as they contain vapors and residue.




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