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Metalub MP ATF is a formula of high-performance base oils and a sophisticated package of controlled additives for older and newer vehicle models.

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Technical product information

Metalub MP ATF is a formula of high-performance base oils and a sophisticated package of vehicle-specific additives for years and newer models. Metalub MP ATF meets the latest GM DEXRON III specifications. It can also be used in older transmissions built by General Motors, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, most foreign manufacturers where Dexron III G, Dexron IIE, Dexron II, Dexron, MERCON, or transmission fluid when suffix A is specified.

features / advantages


  • Inventory consolidation: a product can have the majority of automatic transmissions
  • Excellent protection and year-round performance year-round: Metalub MP ATF remains fluid at low temperatures to change in cold climates and eliminate premature wear (especially at startup) and maintains its properties at high temperatures and low extreme loads and operation
  • Proven wear protection and cut stability: Metalub MP ATF can help extend the life and service intervals of your transmission, especially for transmissions that experience more starting and / or shifting cycles, or extreme loads or
  • Smoother shifting protects against tremors: Proven additive technologies combine to provide smoother, more uniform shifting performance and provide smooth, positive locking, reducing service life and performance: Metalub MP ATF resist oxidation, retain friction performance and protects against rust and


Metalub MP ATF is designed for use in:

  • Passenger Vehicles Light and Heavy Trucks • Commercial Vehicles and Trucks
  • Vehicles on and off the road Buses and coaches • Emergency vehicles
  • Any automatic transmission manufactured worldwide that requires Dexron or Mercon ATF
  • Can also be used in power steering and hydraulic units
  • Cannot be used in CVT (continuously variable transmissions) or DCT (dual clutch transmissions) that require


Metalub MP ATF is suitable for use in vehicles that specify the following requirements:

  • Ford MERCON®
  • Chrysler (Mopar) ATF-Plus, CAT TO-2
·       BMW   • Honda/ Acura ·       Hyundai          JASO ·       Mercedes ·       Mitsubishi
·       Nissan/ Infinity Matic ·       Toyota/ Lexus T-(II, III) ·       Volvo ·       VW

Las recomendaciones de ATF pueden variar entre los modelos de un fabricante. Consulte el manual del propietario para la recomendación correcta de fluidos.

Special handling, notifications y warnings

Take the same care and handling as with any petroleum product. Overexposure to the product can cause irritation of the eyes, skin or respiratory tract. Continuous contact with used oil has had skin cancer in laboratory tests. Avoid continuous contact. Wash skin with soap and water. Wash or discard soiled clothing. Empty containers contain vapors and residues. Do not reuse. STAY AWAY FROM CHILDREN

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MP ATF Estañon

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