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SAE 10W TO4 Hydraulic Tin

Metalub AW HVI HidraulicSeries lubricants are high viscosity index hydraulic oils with excellent oxidation inhibitors and offer excellent water removal capacity.

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Technical product information

Metalub AW HVI HidraulicSeries lubricants are high viscosity index hydraulic oils with excellent oxidation inhibitors and offer excellent water removal capacity. Formulated with high VI base oil materials and a carefully balanced additive system, Metalub AW HVI HidraulicSeries fluids are affected for long lasting, trouble free service.

Qualities / Advantage

Metalub AW HVI Hydraulic series are available in grades from ISO VG 32 to ISO VG 68
• 5000 hours ASTM D-943

• Exceptional wear protection for equipment operating under high pressures and loads

• Controlled oxidation inhibitors of deposits and deposits, and longer life

• Superior corrosion and rust protection for all components of the system

• Excellent water separation and demulsibility

• Excellent anti-foam and quick air release


Metalub AW HVI HidraulicSeries hydraulic fluids are recommended for applications that have oils against wear, corrosion and oxidation
 Hydraulic systems.

 Air compressors.

 Industrial bearings.
 Circulation systems, splash lubrication systems, baths and bearing and gear rings.
 A wide variety of industrial applications: chains, hoists, machine tools, and other gear sets that do not require EP gear oil.
 Bath systems, Splash Circulating or Mist


MAG Cincinnati, Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70
Denison HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2
Sperry Vickers M2950-S and I-286

Special handling, notifications and warnings

Use the same care and handling that you would use with any other petroleum product. Overexposure to the product can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, or breathing. Continuous contact with the used oil has had skin cancer in laboratory tests. Wash skin with soap and water. Wash or discard soiled clothing. Empty containers, vapors and waste containers. Do not reuse. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN

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