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SAE 40 CF-2 MonoGrade Bucket

METALUB CF-2 Monograde Series Oils are specifically formulated to meet the demands placed on heavy duty diesel engines that require the use of a monograde oil used in stressful environments.

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Technical product information

METALUB HD CF-2 Mono grade are oils specially formulated to meet the demands of heavy equipment diesel engines that require a mono grade oil for the most demanding working conditions. Its great performance is due to the fact that it is a high viscosity lubricant developed with mineral bases and a package of additives that allows us to exceed the needs of protection in diesel engines, whether turbocharged or supercharged, having a high pressure in the oil

Features/ Advantage

Very high detergent and dispersant power that prevents the formation of deposits and the polishing of the cylinders, guaranteeing the cleanliness of the pistons.

 Excellent performance at high temperatures.

 Facilitates starting, significantly reducing friction from vital engine parts and reducing premature wear.

 Lower oil consumption, greater protection against wear and high pressure throughout a wide range of operating temperatures.


Engines that require API CF-2, CF, CE, CD-II, CD, or SJ.

 Meets the requirements of older engines that require mono grade oils.

 Meets the requirements of turbocharged and supercharged engines

 Meets the requirements of heavy duty engines in mining, construction and agriculture.

 SAE 10 and SAE 30 can be used as oil for Cat TO-2 transmissions

 SAE 10 and SAE 30 can be used as oil for Allison C3 and C4.

 Can be used as oil for Spicer / Dana and Eaton / Fuller transmissions

Special handling, notifications and warnings

Use the same care and handling that you would use with any petroleum products.

Overexposure to product may cause eye, skin, or respiratory irritation. Dispose of used oil properly as continuous contact with used oil has caused skin cancer in laboratory tests. Avoid ongoing contact. Wash skin with soap and water. Launder or discard soiled clothes. Do not re-use empty containers as they contain vapors and residue.



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