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LUBRICANTES NEXT GEN LNG LTDA., It has an integral service for the collection and treatment of lubricants, whose objective is to satisfy the specific needs of our clients; We understood these as those collaborators, associated institutions, non-governmental organizations, universities, institutions, private companies, etc., in terms of generating an efficient alternative to reduce CO2 emissions to the environment.

In this sense, we have rigorous and safe processes for collecting and transporting used lubricants, by using certified special equipment, taking all sanitary measures during their journey so that there is no contamination of the environment through the improper disposal or disposal of Once the lubricants used at our plant in San José, La Uruca, the used oil is transported to state-of-the-art facilities in the United States of America for refinement, where the base will be recovered of oil .

This superior and highly refined base oil is mixed with state-of-the-art additives to produce Metalub products.

The result is a high quality motor, gear, hydraulic system and grease product oil that protects not only motors and equipment, but the environment as well.

In this sense, through the provision of our service and use of METALUB lubricants, a more efficient way of reducing CO2 emissions to the environment is generated, since from the manufacturing process, supply chain, collection and treatment of used lubricants, The main objective is to close the life cycle of lubricants, which inescapably allows the reduction of our carbon footprint.

If we do not collect your oil, it will get burnt or dumped.
"1 oil change of a typical sedan can contaminate up to 2 olympic sized swimming pools!" - Quote Felipe J. DeLeon

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